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Christmas Mileage Redeem Week 1: 20/11-26/11

Written by Da Fang


Posted on November 16 2018

Hi all, hope you're enjoying your time on the bike.

As Christmas is near, we're launching the Mileage Redeem Program to reward you for your enthusiasm in cycling and being a dedicated Santic Australia supporter. The following is the game rules to follow to redeem your mileage into our fabulous Santic cycling gears for free:

* First you have to join Santic Australia Cycling Club on Strava, and set your account public so we can gain access to your riding data.
* Ride as much as you can during the first Mileage Redeem Week, the period from 20/11 to 26/11.
* Send a screenshot of your Strava weekly ride data of the above mentioned period on 27/11, including the sum mileage to, email title " MRW1-your name".
* Once your email is received and riding date approved, we will send you a digital voucher in 48 hours, which worth your weekly mileage* 0.3, for example, if your weekly mileage is 500KM then your voucher would worth 500*0.3=$150.
* Use the voucher to buy anything from our official online store and your reviews would be much appreciated.

This Christmas Mileage Redeem Program is only open to cyclists within Australia, to participate you must join the Santic Australia Cycling Club on Strava.