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Post your Santic gear and get a Ditton Jersey for Free!

Post your Santic gear and get a Ditton Jersey for Free!

We would like to take this chance to thank you for your constant support and hear your say about our products.

By posting a similar photo above on Instagram and writing contents about your thoughts on the Santic gears you purchased, then @santic_australia in the photo and add #CFFD in the content, you will get a Ditton Jersey (RRP $69.9) for free.

The jersey is perfect for your coffee runs with a simple yet stylish design and quality materials.

We will get in touch with you once your post is seen so it's important to set your Instagram account public and tag us in the photo. Please only post one photo instead of a photo carousel and don't forget to add the #CFFD in your contents so we know you're in the game.

A Redeem voucher will be sent to you once your post is confirmed and you will need to pay a standard $9 shipping fee to receive the jersey. 

This activity will run until Christmas Day, so take your time for quality photos and contents and you may get a Christmas surprise gift come along with the jersey.

Thank you again for your support and we wish you a Merry Christmas.

November 30, 2018 by Da Fang
Christmas Mileage Redeem Week 1: 20/11-26/11

Christmas Mileage Redeem Week 1: 20/11-26/11

Hi all, hope you're enjoying your time on the bike.

As Christmas is near, we're launching the Mileage Redeem Program to reward you for your enthusiasm in cycling and being a dedicated Santic Australia supporter. The following is the game rules to follow to redeem your mileage into our fabulous Santic cycling gears for free:

* First you have to join Santic Australia Cycling Club on Strava, and set your account public so we can gain access to your riding data.
* Ride as much as you can during the first Mileage Redeem Week, the period from 20/11 to 26/11.
* Send a screenshot of your Strava weekly ride data of the above mentioned period on 27/11, including the sum mileage to, email title " MRW1-your name".
* Once your email is received and riding date approved, we will send you a digital voucher in 48 hours, which worth your weekly mileage* 0.3, for example, if your weekly mileage is 500KM then your voucher would worth 500*0.3=$150.
* Use the voucher to buy anything from our official online store and your reviews would be much appreciated.

This Christmas Mileage Redeem Program is only open to cyclists within Australia, to participate you must join the Santic Australia Cycling Club on Strava.


November 16, 2018 by Da Fang
All you need to know about Santic

All you need to know about Santic

Cycling apparel, as one of the necessary outfit for cycling, is particularly important to riders by its quality and comfort.
But this does not mean you have to spend a lot of additional money on it.
Adhering to the concept of high quality and competitive price, Santic has developed from an unknown brand into a competitive riding outfit brand with its customers spreading all over the world in just 10 years.
How did we do it?
Let’s start from our products. A suit of good cycling suit is expected to incorporate pleasing design, high-quality fabrics, excellent chamois, and close-fitting cuts. Only by doing so can the near-perfect cycling suit be made.
Santic is deeply aware that there is no shortcut to the perfectness, and selling the cycling suit is not just a matter of selling a design. Therefore, in addition to its own design department, Santic also established two professional large-scale sportswear plants. A lot of money are invested in the research and development of cycling suit fabrics and chamois technology, and internationally leading fabrics
and chamois are also introduced for its own products. In this way, in the fleeting 10 years, we have become a giant with more than 200 employees from a studio run by several cycling enthusiasts.
We do not just purely pursue the scale, but we need the scale to make the nearly perfect products. Designers may not understand some of the production processes, resulting in some ideas that sound great, but cannot be achieved. While skilled workers may focus on the quality and ignore other details, making the finished product great in appearance but not great to wear. Such gap between production and design can be seen everywhere in the OEM of many cycling apparel brands, which is why we spend so much money and make ourselves so large to be vertical intergrated.
Only when the design, production, after-sales, and R&D are all in your hands, can a near-perfect product be made. Because at this time, you have the ability to control every detail.
In addition, the vertical integration without outsourcing means no middleman required, and the massive processing reduces the cost to a minimum, so that the price is naturally affordable for customers.
This is where Santic makes a difference, and also answers why an increasing number of cycling enthusiasts around the world are becoming our loyal customers.
Our focus is never on telling fancy stories. We just want to offer you a nice cycling kit for your closet.
June 20, 2018 by Da Fang
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