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Santic Customization

The Sports Grade 

          Sports Grade  2-4 pcs 5-20 pcs 21-50 pcs 51-100 pcs
Short Sleeve Jersey  $85 $70 $65 $60
Long Sleeve Jersey  $95 $90 $85 $80
Bib Shorts unisex chamois  $105 $95 $90 $85
Fleece Winter Jacket  $140 $120 $110 $105
Winter Bib Tights $150 $128 $120 $118
Cycling Gilet  $95 $85 $80 $75
 *10% Surcharge for removing all Santic logos
The Sports Grade, just like its name, is the best option for the coffee and weekend riders who mainly take cycling as a sport to maintain and enhance their physical and mental health. the Sports Grade features:
  • Santic Tour Special V200 Unisex Chamois, 3 layer structure and 80kg/m3 density suitable for a continuous ride distance up to 200KM or continuous ride duration of up to 6 hours.
  • Santic Air Free fabric technology ensures maximum breathability and adequate performance. Santic N-Feel fabrics for quick-dry function and Santic UV Shield for thorough UV protection up to UPF 50+, high standard of craftsmanship.
  • SBS Zip System for long-term durability. 
  • Semi-race cut, Fit Index 7/10.
  • Suitable for recreational riders who ride up to 250Km per week.


The Pro Grade 

santic AustraliaSantic Australia
Pro Grade  2-4 pcs 5-20 pcs  21-50 pcs 51-100 pcs
 Short Sleeve Jersey  $115 $95 $85 $79
Long Sleeve Jersey  $125 $105 $95 $89
Bib Shorts with M/F chamois $130 $115 $110 $105
Short Sleeve Skin Suit  $205 $175 $165 $155
Long Sleeve Skin Suit  $215 $185 $175 $165
*10% surcharge for removing all Santic logos 
If you are a cycling enthusiast who trains and races just like the pros, then the Pro Grade is the one for you.
Premium Italian fabrics and chamois to enhance your performance in fast-paced training and highly intense competitions, yet to make you still feel comfortable and confident. The Pro Grade features:
  • Italian Elastic Interface performance chamois, consists of 2 densities of 60kg/m3 and 80kg/m3, performance-oriented design suitable for continuous fast-paced ride duration up to 5 hours.
  • The Italian MITI SPA Powerforce breathable type fabric applied for higher ventilation and lower air resistance.
  • Chrome YKK zip system assures long-term reliability.
  • Race-cut, Fitting Tightness Index 8.5/10.
  • Suitable for race-oriented riders.


The Elite Grade 

 Elite Grade 2-4 pcs 5-20 pcs 21-50 pcs 51-100 pcs
Short Sleeve Jersey  $138 $118 $109 $105
Bib Shorts with M/F chamois $190 $163 $151 $146

 *10% surcharge for removing all Santic logos

As the clothing sponsor of 2018 Tour de France participant team Wanty-Gobert, there's no one else knows better than Santic how to cater for the needs of the pros.  We brought all the best things together to the Elite Grade Customization, for those who take cycling as their lifelong career.
Santic Australia
Top range Italian fabrics and reputable professional chamois are used for this grade, yet with Santic's exceptional craftsmanship and cuts which are proven by the pros, what you will get is not a truly extraordinary kit but a second skin for cycling.
  • Italian Elastic Interface professional grade chamois, consists of 3 densities, suitable for more than 7 hours intense riding.


  • Italian MITI professional grade fabrics for optimal aerodynamics and ventilation.
  • Chrome YKK zip system assures long-term reliability.
  • Extreme race cut, fit index 10/10, feel the kit as your second skin.
  • Suitable for those who ride like pros or semi-pros.



 Triathlon Suit  2-4 pcs 5-20 pcs 21-50 pcs 51-100 pcs
Sports Grade  $226 $193 $179 $173
Pro Grade  $326 $279 $259 $250

 *10% surcharge for removing all Santic logos.

Light and compact, yet comfortable and supportive, this is what a good tri suit suppose to be, and this is also what Santic Customization will offer to take your triathlon journey to the next level.

  • Italian Elastic Interface Ironman performance chamois for Pro Grade, compact, comfortable and reliable.
  • High-performance fabrics for optimal aerodynamics and ventilation, quick dry and UV proof function to offer you the best protection against the elements.
  • YKK Zip system for Pro Grade, durable and reliable.
  • Suitable for both training and race purpose.



 Accessories  2-4 pcs 5-20 pcs 21-50 pcs  51-100 pcs 
T-Shirt with cycling jersey fabrics $38 $35 $33 $30
Polo with cycling jersey fabrics $40  $38 $35 $33
Cycling Cap  $15 $14 $13 $12

Why Santic? 

Cycling apparel, as one of the necessary outfit for cycling, is particularly important to riders by its quality and comfort.

But this does not mean you have to spend a lot of additional money on it.

Adhering to the concept of high quality and competitive price, Santic has developed from an unknown brand into a competitive riding outfit brand with its customers spreading all over the world in just 10 years.

How did we do it?

Let’s start with our products. A good cycling kit is expected to incorporate pleasing design, high-quality fabrics, excellent chamois, and close-fitting cuts. Only by doing so can the near-perfect cycling suit be made.

Santic is deeply aware that there is no shortcut to the perfectness, and selling the cycling suit is not just a matter of selling a design. Therefore, in addition to its own design department, Santic also established two professional large-scale sportswear plants. A lot of money is invested in the research and development of cycling suit fabrics and chamois technology, and internationally leading fabrics and chamois are also introduced for its own products.

In this way, in the fleeting 10 years, we have become a giant with more than 200 employees from a studio run by several cycling enthusiasts.

We do not just purely pursue the scale, but we need the scale to make the nearly perfect products.

Designers may not understand some of the production processes, resulting in some ideas that sound great, but cannot be achieved. While skilled workers may focus on the quality and ignore other details, making the finished product great in appearance but not great to wear. Such gap between production and design can be seen everywhere in the OEM of many cycling suit brands, which is why we spend so much money and make ourselves so large.

Only when the design, production, after-sales, and R&D are all in your hands, can a near-perfect product be made. Because at this time, you have the ability to control every detail. In addition, the vertical integration without outsourcing means no middleman required, and the massive processing reduces the cost to a minimum, so that the price is naturally affordable for customers.

This is where Santic makes a difference, and also answers why an increasing number of bicycle enthusiasts around the world are becoming our loyal fans.

As you can see now, our focus is never on telling fancy stories. We just want to offer you a nice cycling kit for your closet.


Customization Procedure

What do I need to get an order underway?

Step 1. Contact us for your intention, our friendly team member will be in touch to give you suggestions according to your circumstances i.e what grade to choose and design concepts you would like to use. Our MOQ is 2 on the same item i.e 2 Pro grade SS jerseys or 2 Elite grade men's knicks, with the same design.

Step 2. An AU$200 deposit is required to get the ball rolling once the product range of your order is confirmed (The grade you want to use for your custom order i.e Pro or Elite), 2 versions of artwork made upon your requests will be provided for your choice in 5 business days. We will tweak the one you choose till your satisfaction. The design service is offered to you for free and the deposit you paid will be deducted from the order sum later, the deposit is not refundable if you choose not to proceed with us.

Step 3. We will confirm with you your order details, such as range, quantity and sizes. If you are not sure about our sizing, samples can be provided upon your request.

Step 4. Pay your order balance plus postage off to initiate the manufacturing.

Step 5. Your order is now being manufactured, our average lead-time is 4 weeks from the completion of step 4, please let us know if you have a deadline as soon as possible. Your order will be delayed If you change agreed order detail during the process.

Step 6. Your order is ready for shipping, a tracking number will be provided to you, please allow 5 business days for your order to arrive at your doorstep.

Step 7. It's not over yet. You are covered with our after-sale service, our WA based team will be gladly at your service if you have any problem or queries with your purchase. If there's any manufacturer defect, we will replace the affected products with new ones without any extra cost to you, your satisfaction is most valued at Santic Australia.


Click here to pay your customization deposit, we will be in touch once we receive your order.