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Custom Procedure

Why Santic?

Cycling apparel, as one of the necessary outfit for cycling, is particularly important to riders by its quality and comfort.

But this does not mean you have to spend a lot of additional money on it.

Adhering to the concept of high quality and competitive price, Santic has developed from an unknown brand into a competitive riding outfit brand with its customers spreading all over the world in just 10 years.

How did we do it?

Let’s start from our products. A good cycling kit is expected to incorporate pleasing design, high-quality fabrics, excellent chamois, and close-fitting cuts. Only by doing so can the near-perfect cycling suit be made.

 Santic is deeply aware that there is no shortcut to the perfectness, and selling the cycling suit is not just a matter of selling a design. Therefore, in addition to its own design department, Santic also established two professional large-scale sportswear plants. A lot of money are invested in the research and development of cycling suit fabrics and chamois technology, and internationally leading fabrics and chamois are also introduced for its own products.

 In this way, in the fleeting 10 years, we have become a giant with more than 200 employees from a studio run by several cycling enthusiasts.

 We do not just purely pursue the scale, but we need the scale to make the nearly perfect products.

 Designers may not understand some of the production processes, resulting in some ideas that sound great, but cannot be achieved. While skilled workers may focus on the quality and ignore other details, making the finished product great in appearance but not great to wear. Such gap between production and design can be seen everywhere in the OEM of many cycling suit brands, which is why we spend so much money and make ourselves so large.

 Only when the design, production, after-sales, and R&D are all in your hands, can a near-perfect product be made. Because at this time, you have the ability to control every detail. In addition, the vertical integration without outsourcing means no middleman required, and the massive processing reduces the cost to a minimum, so that the price is naturally affordable for customers.

 This is where Santic makes a difference, and also answers why an increasing number of bicycle enthusiasts around the world are becoming our loyal fans.

As you can see now, our focus is never on telling fancy stories. We just want to offer you a nice cycling kit for your closet.



What do I need to get an order underway?

Artwork - either you have your own ideas and files or use our designers to get your ideas underway. Free design for 

Range - Do you know what items you will order form our range? If not talk to your Custom Apparel Specialist or check out our RANGE

Sizing - Have you used Santic Custom before? If not you can request sizing and samples throughout the order process.


What's the MOQ?

Our Minimum Order Quantity is 2 piece on any item, of course for a more competitive price the order quantity is always the larger the better.


How long does a custom order take?

Depends on your order quantity, from the time you approve your artwork and place your order our average lead-time is 4 weeks. It is important to note that design, sizing and sometimes payment can hold up your ability to place an order, so keep these in mind when planning your delivery.

If you do have a DEADLINE please let us know as soon as possible so you can meet that time.

Follow these simple steps to place your custom apparel order

1. Contact us - Contact us to introduce yourself and custom needs so we can serve you better. Contact information should include Team/Club/Shop details, the range of products to be customized, approximate quantity, and any additional request.

2. Product and range selection. Select the specific range of products you want to customize. Samples can be arranged upon customer's request.

3. Artwork - Send us your design ideas and concepts and let our designers turn them into reality for you. Once the artwork is finalized you can approve it. The number of changes you make, logos you upload and the complexity of your design will affect how long your design takes to get to approval. The artwork is free of charge no matter how many changes you make!

4. Sizing - Every manufacturer differs in sizing and we are no different.  Here are all our sizing charts for review. 

5. Place order - Place your order in and pay the full payment. Once your payment is confirmed we will go into production. 

6. Delivery - 4 weeks later your order will be delivered directly to your door. You will be required to pay the shipping fee on the order prior to shipping.

7. Enjoy your new apparel, they will be the best you ever had, both in quality and value for money.

Please contact us at to put in your order.